Join MEDITECH at the 2016 International MUSE Conference


MEDITECH is proud to be a part of the upcoming International MUSE Conference, May 31-June 3. On Thursday, June 2nd, MEDITECH executives Hoda Sayed-Friel, executive vice president, and Helen Waters, vice president of sales and marketing, will deliver the keynote address, “MEDITECH’s Vision & Strategy: Care Transitions - Closing the Gap.”

The keynote will provide valuable insights into MEDITECH's strategic direction. Sayed-Friel and Waters explain how the company is ushering in a long overdue level of energy and meaningful innovation to the EHR marketplace. Attendees will hear how MEDITECH’s mobile, browser-based Web EHR is reimagining healthcare and redefining physician productivity, by helping customers meet many industry drivers, including usability, population health, interoperability, consumerism, and wellness management.

Care transitions will also be a key focus of the keynote, with examples of how the MEDITECH EHR facilitates effective patient care and clinical decision making across the continuum. Sayed-Friel will outline how MEDITECH’s EHR closes gaps in communication, enhances patient engagement, and fosters a preventative, tailored approach to care.

At the MUSE Executive Institute, which takes place May 31st, MEDITECH’s Associate Vice President of Marketing, Melissa Swanfeldt, will be leading a session on MEDITECH's new patient engagement, clinical, reimbursement, and analytic tools. The session, “Leveraging Technology to Support Emerging Payment Models,” will highlight how these tools are assisting healthcare leaders to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape and smoothly bridging to new delivery and reimbursement models.

Check out MEDITECH’s events page for more details about MEDITECH’s presence at MUSE, including the full list of breakout sessions led by MEDITECH.