Humber River Command Centre Featured in USA Today

The USA Today article highlights two groundbreaking achievements in Humber River's evolution: Its ‘digital mission control’ Command Centre, and Pepper 1 and 2, the friendly robots.


Humber River Hospital (Toronto, ON) was recently featured in a USA Today article recognizing its 15-year journey toward becoming North America’s first fully digital hospital.

In the piece, Humber River CEO Barb Collins points to two groundbreaking achievements as highlights of the hospital’s evolution: The creation of its ‘digital mission control’ Command Centre, and the introduction of Pepper 1 and 2, the friendly robots.

Opened in late 2017 [click to view YouTube video], the Humber River Command Centre is one of only two such facilities in the world. It uses data collected by the MEDITECH EHR to provide continuous read-outs that alert staff to scenarios like delayed patient care, unbalanced provider workload, and events that may result in patient harm.

The Pepper robots, as the article explains, “engage with patients and visitors to improve their experience.” Pepper 1 meets and greets visitors, while Pepper 2 can detect human emotions to understand when to comfort children who may be afraid of a planned procedure.

“Thanks to the reach of USA Today, a wider audience can see this strong representation of a larger progressive healthcare organization where strong healthcare and technology leaders work together to deliver the latest digital tools for providers and their patients,” said MEDITECH Vice President Helen Waters.

“MEDITECH is a proud partner with Humber River in pushing forward to enhance patient care and improve outcomes.”

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