Hospitals Save Time, Maintain Patient Safety With MEDITECH and Access Passport E-Signature


With MEDITECH’s Web EHR and the Access Passport e-signature platform, hospitals are improving patient safety, speeding up consent, and ensuring compliance.

MEDITECH partner Access Eforms announced that its Passport solution is helping Hilo Medical Center (Hilo, HI) and Graham Health System (Canton, IL) with patient safety by eliminating paper consent forms and the additional staff time needed to get signatures from the patient and care providers.

“Access Passport removes the paper chase we used to have with procedural consents and makes it easier for us to obtain patient and physician signatures simultaneously at the bedside, which helps with compliance,” Kris Wilson, Director of Information Systems & Project Management Office at Hilo, explains in an Access press release.

“As the form goes straight into MEDITECH, the information is available immediately instead of us waiting for the form to go to the offsite HIM office for scanning,” says Wilson. “Instead of having hundreds of variations of paper forms, we just have one electronic one that we can customize as needed.”

Hilo, which is also using Access for its HR system, went live with MEDITECH Ambulatory on Oct. 1 and is scheduled for its Web Acute go-LIVE in January, 2017.

In a separate Access announcement about Graham’s selection of Access Passport, CIO Jim Schreiner says the company’s “granular security will allow us to serve up procedural, surgical and other consents in the areas that need them, and to distinguish between the documents accessible from various areas and departments.”

This will allow Graham nurses to access the e-forms for their assigned patients, ensuring security for patient records and provider access.

“Right now we have manual processes for consent to treat, procedural consents and other consent forms,” Schreiner says. “Deploying Access alongside MEDITECH 6.15 gives us the chance to bring more consistency to these processes and to make things easier for our patients.”

Graham’s go-LIVE is scheduled for September 2017, with the addition of MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory solution the following year. Schreiner adds that this timeline made the decision easier to go with Access.

“We’re moving to MEDITECH, and as this will enable us to make process changes, we felt it was the right time to add electronic signatures,” Schreiner explains. “We wanted to go with a company that’s tried and true, and because Access is a MEDITECH partner and has glowing reviews, we felt they were the best choice.”

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