Frisbie Memorial Hospital Signs for MEDITECH’s Web-based Ambulatory and Acute EHR


For over 80 years, Frisbie Memorial Hospital (Rochester, NH) has been providing quality healthcare services with these three operating pillars at the forefront: People, technology, trust.

When hospital leadership evaluated EHRs for their organization and decided on MEDITECH’s 6.1 Web-based Ambulatory and Acute, these very three pillars came to mind.

“Our goal during the EHR selection process was to pick a system that would work for our organization in the long run and with a vendor we could trust,” says Frisbie Memorial CEO John Marzinzik.

“We decided on MEDITECH’s Web-based EHR so our organization can be on one unified platform. If a patient is seen by their primary care provider on a Friday and shows up in the ER over the weekend, their patient record should reflect data from their Friday appointment, and with MEDITECH, this is a reality.”

The 112-bed community hospital is set to start implementing MEDITECH in 2016.

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