Foster Safe ED Discharges with MEDITECH’s HEART Pathway Toolkit

Our new HEART Pathway Toolkit — embedded in MEDITECH Expanse — promotes safe and early discharges, without costly cardiac testing.


Chest pain is the second-leading cause of ED visits in the US, but less than 10 percent of patients are ultimately diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome. Our new HEART Pathway Toolkit — embedded in MEDITECH Expanse — fosters safe and early discharges, without costly cardiac testing.

Developed and maintained by clinicians, the toolkit aligns with a 2015 study by Simon Mahler, MD, and colleagues. Evidence- and experience-based standard content evaluates the patient’s risk level while supporting clinical decision-making for ED physicians. Our toolkit also includes optimal workflows and system guidance to help your organization improve outcomes.

Customers, please visit HEART Pathway Toolkit: Getting Started for implementation guidance and an educational video.


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