Connect and Go Forward: Highlights from MEDITECH's 2019 Physician and CIO Forum

MEDITECH’s 2019 Physician and CIO Forum focused on creating connections together and keeping our collective people-centric goals for healthcare, even as technical automation takes a central role in our daily routines.

We all know that healthcare isn’t just for the sick anymore. With advanced medical knowledge and technologies, we’ve stretched the boundaries of care to include the patient’s home and day-to-day life. But the challenge of keeping clinicians and patients connected has grown right along with healthcare tech’s potential. How do we keep people and relationships at the heart of medicine, if our tools can outrun us?

At MEDITECH’s 2019 Physician and CIO Forum, we discussed how creating connections together is the key to keeping our collective people-centric goals for healthcare, even as technical automation takes a central role in our daily routines. We recognize that technology’s ability to facilitate strong common bonds - between clinicians and clinicians, clinicians and patients, clinicians and healthcare executives, and even healthcare organizations and their technology vendors - is as important to our industry as capturing data. 

Keynote speaker Cheri Blauwet, MD, touched upon how the human perspective can shape the ways we use technology, not for its own sake, but to enhance people’s lives. In sharing her experience as a paralympic athlete, Boston Marathon wheelchair winner, and champion of diversity in the workplace, Dr. Blauwet discussed how having differently abled staff helps to introduce innovations (such as handicap access door openers) that are beneficial to everyone. 

“It’s so important to include people of different backgrounds and abilities in healthcare decision-making. Just as all of us become patients eventually, nearly all of us will experience disability at some point in our lives,” she said. 

“Diversity in the medical profession brings universal design ideas that benefit all employees and patients. It makes us all better providers and better leaders, while producing better patient experiences.”

The specific potential of EHR technology to provide better healthcare experiences was the focus of a MEDITECH customer panel. Physicians shared how their mobile Expanse EHR is preventing physician burnout as well as giving clinicians and patients more meaningful time together.  

“If you suggest to any physician that they can get a couple hours of their life back by using mobile devices to document right at the patient’s bedside, that’s an incentive to change,” said Elisabeth Moore, MD, Androscoggin Valley Hospital. 

“What’s more, patients are fascinated to see their own charts. They can see that you are thinking of them when you carry a tablet into the room to go over results together, and they really appreciate it.” 

Forum attendees also heard from MEDITECH and industry experts on the promise of cloud technologies and patient-generated health data, to further expand the reach of healthcare data beyond the scope of an organization’s walls. Traverse, MEDITECH’s interoperability solution, was introduced as an important step forward in bringing patient data together across EHR boundaries, and making it more accessible to clinicians.

For MEDITECH, our most valuable resource has always been our customers. Connecting with you at our events, hearing your feedback and stories is what inspires us to keep working on better solutions. Please check out the forum presentations on our Events page, and stay in touch through meditech.com till we meet again next year!

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