Case Study: Physicians at Halifax Health Go Mobile with MEDITECH Expanse

With the mobility of MEDITECH Expanse, physicians at Halifax Health Medical Center experience more efficient workflows and greater patient/clinician satisfaction.


A new case study shows how using MEDITECH Expanse enabled acute and ED physicians at Halifax Health Medical Center to adopt a more mobile approach to care. Using tablets cut down on physicians’ administrative burdens, while improving workflows and satisfaction. 

Prior to going LIVE with Expanse, Halifax had a designated physician area called “the fishbowl,” where physicians reviewed patient charts on desktops prior to rounding. After completing their rounding, they had to return to the fishbowl area to enter orders and document on charts. Once they began accessing the EHR on mobile tablets, physicians were able to untether themselves from desktop computers and spend more time at the patient bedside. 

Read more about how Halifax Health improved their physician workflow and increased meaningful interactions with patients by downloading our case study. Watch this video to learn how MEDITECH Expanse is helping increase physician productivity in Halifax Health's busy ED, supporting quick and efficient patient interactions.

See how Expanse helped Halifax doctors get out of the "fishbowl" and spend more time at the bedside.