Case Study: MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care Mobilizes Nurses at KDMC

After becoming an early adopter of MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care software, nurses at KDMC were able to have more meaningful patient interactions.

A new case study shows how nurses and therapists at King’s Daughters Medical Center achieved greater mobility using MEDITECH’s Expanse Point of Care software. 

With this software, nurses and therapists were able to review labs, document, and administer medication using handheld mobile devices, lessening their reliance on cumbersome desktops and WoWs.

As adoption rates increased across the hospital, nurses and therapists experienced time savings, as well as decreased clicks and motion counts. They were also able to conduct more patient-facing interactions during each encounter. 

Learn more about how KDMC used Expanse Point of Care to improve the nurse workflow and increase meaningful interactions with patients by downloading our case study.

See how Expanse Point of Care helps nurses and therapists at KDMC to have more contact with patients.