MEDITECH Kalispell Case Study

Case Study: Kalispell Regional Advances Diabetes Management Through Patient Registries

Patient registries help Kalispell Regional Healthcare to advance diabetes management and improve health maintenance


A new case study shows how Kalispell Regional Healthcare (Kalispell, MT) used MEDITECH’s Patient Registries to advance their diabetes management and increase cancer screenings by 22 percent.

Kalispell discovered they were relying solely on physician visits to meet all the care needs of their patients and turned to Patient Registries — a part of MEDITECH’s comprehensive population health solution — to help them identify, stratify, and engage their patient communities. This functionality empowered Kalispell’s clinicians to examine patients by risk group, determine who they were accountable for, and decide on appropriate interventions.

Ultimately, Kalispell increased their colonoscopies by 22%, improved compliance rates for diabetic eye exams and wellness visits, and saw more patients receiving timely follow-up from their PCP’s office. Read more about how they did it, in our new case study.

Learn how Kalispell Regional Healthcare used MEDITECH’s Patient Registries to advance their diabetes management.