Burton Hospitals Named 2018 Top Performer on Key Quality Measures


Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Burton-Upon-Trent, England) was recently named among the winners of the CHKS Top Hospitals for 2018

CHKS provides healthcare intelligence and quality improvement benchmark services to organisations throughout UK and elsewhere internationally. According to the CHKS announcement, the Top Hospitals programme awards are determined each year on the basis of an analysis of publicly available datasets and a number of criteria used to shortlist trusts. 

The Top Hospitals award is based on the evaluation of over 20 key performance indicators covering safety, clinical effectiveness, health outcomes, efficiency, patient experience, and quality of care. Additionally, this year marks the first time the Top 40 awards compared performance scores against all hospitals throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. In the past, performance was measured only among CHKS clients.

Burton Hospitals has been successfully using MEDITECH for 25 years. “Burton was our first customer in the United Kingdom,” says MEDITECH Director of International Sales Gina Kerley. “We enjoy a strong partnership and are proud of our collaborative work, as we help them achieve organisational goals and deliver a better experience for patients.”

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