Botswana to Implement MEDITECH at Every Public Hospital and Clinic

Did you know that the entire public healthcare community in the country of Botswana will soon be 100 percent MEDITECH? MEDITECH’s partner, MEDITECH South Africa, recently signed an agreement to completely deploy the MEDITECH solution to all hospitals and clinics this year.

“The Ministry of Health Botswana deserves to be commended for this remarkable achievement,” says Howard Messing, MEDITECH President and CEO. “Over the past decade, Botswana has implemented MEDITECH’s Client/Server 5.6 solution at almost every hospital, clinic, and health post in the country.”

After the last remaining seven hospitals are implemented, all of the 27 public hospitals in Botswana will have deployed MEDITECH. Stay tuned in the coming months as we share more stories and details about Botswana’s amazing implementation journey and achievement! 

In June, MEDITECH South Africa received the 2015 Sub-Saharan Africa Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership, recognizing the value, quality, and innovation of MEDITECH’s EHR, as well as its rapid adoption across the market. Learn more here about MEDITECH’s strong global presence.