Avera Health Expands Care Access Using Telemedicine


Rural health provider and MEDITECH customer Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD) is using telemedicine to keep its long-term care patients comfortable and avoid unnecessary hospital visits.

Patients and their caregivers can now be connected remotely to a geriatrics-trained team that immediately assists at the bedside, via a video cart. This technology enables clinicians to assess issues quickly, without destabilizing long-term care residents.

“We’re in there right when they need it,” says CEO Deanna Larson in HealthData Management. “As soon as a nurse is able to make a call to say there is a change in this resident, we can be there with them; she can be there with us.”

Avera estimates that about 90 percent of cases addressed through their video cart are able to be treated on site, without transfers to the ED or another more intense care setting.

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