Adena Health System Set to Go LIVE with MEDITECH 6.1


MEDITECH customer Adena Health System (Chillicothe, OH) announced they will go LIVE with 6.1 at midnight on Aug. 1. The health system with more than 2,500 employees, three hospitals (Chillicothe, Waverly and Greenfield), and five regional clinics totaling 311-beds, sought out MEDITECH’s EHR because of its integration.

Linn Weimer, chief information strategy officer at Adena said in the hospital’s press release published in the Chillicothe Gazette, “In the past, we’ve had a ‘best of breed’ systems approach, which resulted in systems that didn’t communicate with one another. The result has been an inefficient use of time to get around system shortcomings, which could be spent on caregiving.”

“The investment in a single information system will give Adena one standardized program,” added Chief Operations Officer Eric Cecava. “This will lead to the creation of a true electronic medical record for our patients, and a more efficient use of our people and resources.”

Adena’s 35-plus ambulatory locations is set to begin implementing MEDITECH’s Web Ambulatory EHR in September.

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