Adding EPCS to Your MEDITECH System: What You Need to Know

MEDITECH has collaborated with DrFirst, Forward Advantage, and Imprivata to create an EPCS solution that streamlines the reporting process and ensures accurate monitoring of opioid prescribing.

As the opioid crisis continues at a frightening pace, those of us in healthcare IT are working on solutions like Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances (EPCS) to empower prescribers so they can take a more active role to stem the tide of overprescribing, drug shopping, and misuse of DEA credentials.

Today’s prescribers must ensure that they meet the requirements for EPCS. Currently, six states have mandated EPCS for prescribers, with legislation pending in five others, showing that this trend promises to grow as more states seek to monitor how opioids are prescribed.

MEDITECH has collaborated with DrFirst, Forward Advantage, and Imprivata to create an EPCS solution that allows you to maintain ease of use in clinical workflows, view state PDMPs (please check on the status of your state, as this varies state by state), meet standards for the expanding number of states requiring EPCS, and help to avoid the overprescribing that often leads to addiction and other dangers.

How the system works

MEDITECH’s approved EPCS solution serves as the foundation for EPCS Gold* by gathering and tracking patient data through intake, treatment, and post-visit referrals. It gives prescribers instant access to medication history, real-time prescription monitoring, and immediate reporting, helping them to identify possible drug-shoppers without having to leave their workflow and enter the data in a separate state database.

Streamlining the reporting process using this solution could save your providers as much as three minutes per order — time they can spend focusing on their patients.

That existing functionality in the MEDITECH EHR also incorporates authentication and security enhancements developed in coordination with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency and the National Institutes of Standards and Technology — including password encryption, refined certificate validation, and improved audit logging. That means your prescribers can work faster, and also more securely, than they have before.

Most importantly, this solution provides new, state-of-the-art tools for prescribers to address the ongoing opioid crisis and help save lives.

* Learn more about EPCS Gold by checking out this webinar video.

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