7 Components of Population Health Series: HIE Interface Capabilities

Part IV: Health Information Exchange Interface Capabilities


The Fourth Component - Health Information Exchange Interface Capabilities
According to Bill Spooner, “Population health management will involve a variety of diverse providers, and they’re likely to store information on different systems. An organization must have an approach to find patient information and merge it to get a total picture of the patient. This can be done through point-to-point interfaces or with a full-blown HIE.”

How MEDITECH Qualifies
Providers using the MEDITECH EHR can safely and securely exchange patient information with everyone involved in a patient's care, meaning organizations are empowered to connect across their local HIE exchange, spanning states, regions, and communities. Our EHR can easily exchange CCDs with non-MEDITECH systems, as well as Record Locator Services. We also support Direct Messaging with any HISP for secure communication. Our customers are empowered to contribute data to their community’s centralized HIE, or form their own with our full-fledged HIE solution. Even our physician consultants are leading the way in HIE — and healthcare organizations are taking notice:

MEDITECH is foundational to the work that we’re doing with Health Information Exchange. That HIE is critical to optimize care and service delivery entirely across the continuum of care, whether it’s for public health services, all the way through to behavioral health, emergency care, trauma care, and acute care services.
                -Philip Barker, VP of Information Management at Fraser Health

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