7 Components of Population Health Series: Care Management Systems

Part VI: Care Management Systems

In a 2015 interview with Health Data Management, Bill Spooner, an independent healthcare IT consultant and retired CIO of Sharp HealthCare, listed seven key IT components that organizations must possess in order to effectively manage population health initiatives. “The components, taken together, give healthcare organizations a solid foundation in taking in patient data, storing it, organizing it and acting upon it.”

As an EHR vendor committed to making population health a reality, MEDITECH passes the test with flying colors! We’d like to show you how we fulfill these requirements, so we’re publishing a weekly article for each of the seven components. Here’s Part VI:

The Sixth Component - Care Management Systems
According to Bill Spooner, “These systems layer on top of electronic health records systems and help to coordinate care across multiple providers. These applications are crucial to tracking everything that’s happening with a patient and to managing handoffs from one provider to another. A lot of these are coming on the market.”

How MEDITECH Qualifies
MEDITECH’s Case Manager system empowers case managers to work with patients both in the hospital and post-discharge, ensuring a smooth transition of care and reducing the risk of costly readmissions. Following a discharge, the Case Manager follows up with the patient several times a week to identify any potential risks for readmission in an effort to manage any changes in condition in a lower cost setting. 

Patients can also be sent home with a mobile kit, such as a bluetooth-enabled scale and a bluetooth-enabled blood pressure cuff for CHF Patients. When the patient records a measurement, an app on the patient's phone is automatically updated, and through an interface with Validic, this information flows through the MEDITECH system to the Case Manager, allowing case managers to quickly identify changes in condition and potential risks for readmissions.

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