7 Components of Population Health Series: EHR System

Part II: Electronic Health Records System


In a 2015 interview with Health Data Management, Bill Spooner, an independent healthcare IT consultant and retired CIO of Sharp HealthCare, listed seven key IT components that organizations must possess in order to effectively manage population health initiatives. “The components, taken together, give healthcare organizations a solid foundation in taking in patient data, storing it, organizing it and acting upon it.”

As an EHR vendor committed to making population health a reality, MEDITECH passes the test with flying colors! We’d like to show you how we fulfill these requirements, so we’re publishing a weekly article for each of the seven components. Here’s Part II:

The Second Component - Electronic Health Records System
According to Bill Spooner, “EHRs serve as a key tool for gathering patient health information during encounters with the healthcare system. You need a robust and powerful health record to have patient information on hand to manage population health.”

How MEDITECH Qualifies
MEDITECH’s clinically-integrated, single platform system provides clinicians with immediate access to data, evidence-based guidance, and notification features to keep them up-to-date on patients as they move through various care settings. Our solutions span the entire Healthcare Ecosystem (Inpatient, Emergency Department, Ambulatory, Long Term Care, Home Care) under a single problem list, single allergy and medication file, and single analytics engine. MEDITECH provides standard content throughout the system and employs a ‘single query theory’ where information that is captured once seamlessly flows to other care areas, allowing the care team to operate with more efficiency and measure quality.   

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