3 Ways You Can Recognize Patient Safety Awareness Week

This year, Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 11 to 17) focuses on the importance of safety culture and patient engagement. MEDITECH supports the efforts of our many customers who are helping to make their communities safer and healthier. Looking for ideas? Here's three things you can do to improve your culture and engage your patients over the long haul.

1. Use technology to drive patient safety. Nurses tend to lead the charge when it comes to patient engagement and because of this, they can push change forward by using technology to implement patient safety protocols. Cathy Turner outlines a few effective ways nurses can drive patient safety such as embracing a web-based EHR and utilizing surveillance tools.

2. Ensure your EHR is integrated with a sepsis solution. Sepsis contributes to nearly one in two hospital deaths, making it one of the biggest concerns in healthcare today. It’s vital that your EHR includes a sepsis solution that analyzes and interprets data in real-time, so you can stay ahead of life-threatening infections. Read what Marcia Cheadle recommends looking for in EHRs with integrated sepsis programs, such as efficient communication methods and watchlists.

3. Educate providers on the risks of overprescribing opioids. The opioid crisis gripping America highlights the importance of physicians reducing their opioid prescriptions, to treat pain more effectively without endangering patients. Dr. Bryan Bagdasian showcases what providers can do to combat what has become one of the most deadly drug crises in our history.

Finally, here’s a few of the things you can count on from MEDITECH, as you work towards your patient safety goals:

  • Solutions spanning the care continuum: With our interoperable and integrated EHR, care providers can make informed decisions across all care settings, while avoiding errors and redundant tests.

  • Resources to support clinicians: Awareness is key to preventing medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. We offer a variety of resources, including a CAUTI prevention toolkit and sepsis prevention whitepaper, to help you fully optimize your EHR and avoid harm.

  • A dedicated Patient Safety Review Board: MEDITECH’s EHR Patient Safety Review Board (PSRB) oversees our products and processes, to ensure that they are always designed to support safe, quality care. Find out more about our PSRB at the Nurse and Home Care Forum, June 13 to 15.

To learn more about what your organization can do to raise patient safety awareness, visit the National Patient Safety Foundation, where you can sign up for their free webinar, Engaging Patients and Providers: Speaking Up for Patient Safety, on March 12 at 1 p.m. ET.