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Teaching Hospital Berkshire Medical Center Learns the Benefits of MEDITECH’s PDoc


Berkshire Medical Center (Pittsfield, MA) is a quick study when it comes to learning the value of MEDITECH’s Physician Documentation (PDoc). Shortly after going LIVE with the tool, a test group of hospitalists were documenting almost 100 percent of their progress notes in the EHR. 

Leading the Way with MEDITECH


Premier 100 IT Leader Roger Neal discusses Duncan Regional’s 6.x install and his vision for their EHR.

Central Health Authority Improves Care Through EHR Consolidation


Central Health Authority (Grands Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland) recently reached a major milestone, completing the consolidation of its two MEDITECH systems. 

6.1 Physician Product Enhancements


MEDITECH’s product enhancements come from a variety of areas, including customer feedback, which is garnered throughout all stages of development. Whether it’s attending one of our many strategic forums, participating in our Regional Events, or joining a specific Focus Group, our customers influence the direction of our products, ensuring we are continually designing systems with customer usability in mind.

Stamford Hospital: Healing Reimagined and HIMSS Stage 7 Recognized


To some hospitals, achieving HIMSS Stage 7 may seem like the pinnacle of success. Not so for Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT). According to CIO David Taylor, the recognition of their paperless care environment is just one stop on their journey to delivering care in a new, unique way.

MEDITECH is in the Cloud


MEDITECH is ready to take healthcare organizations into the future with cloud computing.