MEDITECH COVID-19 Policies for Tenants

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Effective: 2/22/22


In accordance with guidelines from the CDC, local, state, federal, and BOMA, the following policies are in effect for all tenants of any of our MEDITECH facilities.​

Building Access/Screening

  • Please use the MEDITECH self-assessment or a similar corporate program that you develop prior to entering the building each day.
  • All tenants should immediately notify MEDITECH of any suspected* or confirmed** cases of COVD-19 among their employees or any known visitors or vendors of the tenant.
  • According to State Guidelines, we may be required to shut down the site for cleaning and disinfecting the workplace in the event of a positive case.
  • Any issues with card access should be directed to MEDITECH Operations.

Face Mask & Coverings

  • Masks (medical/surgical quality or better) must be worn at all times when outside of the tenant space, regardless of vaccination status.

Cleaning & Decontamination

  • A day cleaning porter will be on-site to pay particular attention to the cleaning and disinfecting of all frequently-touched surfaces, such as door handles, stairway railings, elevator buttons, and push plates.
  • Our cleaning vendor will do a thorough cleaning in all common areas, with a focus on public spaces and high contact points.
  • If you need assistance with cleaning services within your office suite, contact MEDITECH Operations and they will connect you directly with our service provider. MEDITECH is not responsible for additional cleaning services inside your office suite(s).


*A suspected case is one for which the affected person has signs and symptoms that a medical provider deems suspicious for COVID-19.

**A confirmed case of COVID-19 is one for which the affected person can show a positive PCR test or a positive antigen (rapid) test.