Liverpool, UK
October 7th - 8th

Heading to MUSE EU? So are we! Be sure to attend one (or more) of our breakout sessions and product demonstrations.

Join us at MUSE EU for a unique opportunity to learn how our clinically sophisticated tools are redefining productivity and discover strategies for optimising your EPR! You’ll also have the chance to connect with our executives and engage with members of the MEDITECH team.

  • Hear how MEDITECH's EPR is transforming the way your colleagues deliver care during our consultant-focused sessions on Wednesday.

  • On Thursday, we bring you our popular MEDITECH On the Road Event (MORE). Learn how to opitimise the power of your EPR!

  • Attend one of our product demonstrations and get an up-close look at our new 6.1 solutions!

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    Wednesday, 7th October|Welcome

    MEDITECH's Strategic Direction
    Steven Koretz, Senior Vice President, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Geoffrey Smith, Associate Vice President, Product Development, MEDITECH

    Wednesday, 7th October|Consultant Track

    MEDITECH's 6.1 EPR: Stronger Foundation, Improved Productivity, Better Patient Care
    David Niland, MB, BCh, BAO, MIT, Medical Information Officer, Galway Clinic
    Come hear from one of your clinical colleagues about the first HIMSS Stage 6 hospital in the UK or Ireland and the decision to move to the latest software offering from MEDITECH. Listen as Dr. David Niland shares his thoughts on why MEDITECH’s 6.1 platform is Galway Clinic's choice for their healthcare IT needs now and the future!

    Harnessing the Potential of the MEDITECH EPR: A Customer Testimonial
    Richard Slater, Chief Clinical Information Officer, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
    The enhanced functionality in MEDITECH's 6.07 release allows you to significantly customise clinical panels and status boards. Learn from your colleague, Richard Slater, as he shares how these tools can not only be used to leverage clinically useful information across a variety of applications, but also to support clinical decisions. He’ll highlight clinical handover and support for Hospital at Night, as well as key patient safety problems -- including early warning scores, sepsis, and acute kidney injury.

    Clinical Decision Support in Documentation and Ordering (EP)
    Alexandra Camara, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Clinical decision support arms clinicians with patient-specific information, intelligently filtered and presented at appropriate times, to enhance patient safety and the user experience at the point of care. We'll show you how MEDITECH 6.07 provides this important clinical decision support through the Consultant Care Management and Order Communications applications. You’ll leave this session with an understanding of basic and advanced rules to improve ordering and documentation, query links to suggested orders, and how to include clinical guidelines via supporting URL and text.

    Driving Clinical Transformation Using HIMSS Analytics EMRAM
    Denise O'Connor, Project Coordinator, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Do you know how to use the eight-stage HIMSS Analytics EMR Adoption Model (EMRAM) to get the most from your MEDITECH system? During this session, we’ll discuss how to leverage this model to drive clinical transformation, realise benefit, and extract value from your EPR, as you work towards the ultimate goal of a paperless system.

    Wednesday, 8th October|MEDITECH On the Road Event (MORE) UK

    Interoperability Strategy
    John Valutkevich, Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Come get an overview of MEDITECH's interoperability solutions and initiatives, including how best to position hospital organisations to exchange with Health Information Exchange networks, general practices, repositories, and national health agencies. We’ll also discuss industry trends surrounding wearables, HL7 FHIR, and provide an update on our MEDITECH Community Connect project.

    Optimising Clinical Features for the Management of the Acutely Ill Patients
    Brendan Ahern, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Attend this session for a look at the clinical features that improve both the workflow of staff caring for acutely ill patients and the safety of those patients. We’ll discuss the value of sharing data across applications and departments, and demonstrate how to better document and monitor a patient's AKI, sepsis warnings, and PEWS/MEWS scores.

    Optimising Referral/Pathway Features for the Management of the Cancer Patients
    Maria Amado, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    See firsthand the enhancements we’ve made to the Referral and Consultant Action routines. We’ll highlight such features as how to denote a cancer referral based on referral source and referral priority vs. consultant priority. You’ll also leave with the knowledge of how to downgrade or upgrade a cancer referral via Consultant Action and how to identify a cancer referral throughout the system.

    Waitlist Discussion Forum
    Maria Amado, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Mary Ellen Mulhall, Supervisor, Product Development, MEDITECH
    We want your feedback on electronic waitlist adoption! Join us for an open dialogue about this feature in the Community-wide Scheduling solution, in preparation for a future focus group.

    Product Demonstrations

    Get Up Close and Personal with Oncology Management
    Marc Belanger, Senior Product Specialist, Marketing, MEDITECH
    The 6.x Oncology Management solution enables a wide range of clinicians and staff to manage the unique care requirements of oncology patients, who often require lengthy and frequent treatments at ambulatory and inpatient facilities. Join us as we highlight some important features of this solution, such as clinical flow sheets, TNM & Staging documentation, an integrated patient-centric record, and point-of-care documentation for the entire care team. You’ll also learn how to prioritise and organise workflow with roles-based status boards and desktops, and how to streamline the intake process and scheduling of patient appointments.

    Move from Critical to Stable Condition with MEDITECH’s Critical Care Solution
    Marc Belanger, Senior Product Specialist, Marketing, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH has developed a clinically sophisticated critical care solution, as well as standard content, specifically designed to complement the unique workflows of critical care areas, such as the Critical Care Unit and NICU. During this session, we'll demonstrate key features, including the ITU flowsheet, documentation tools, IV management, medication and titration administrations, and monitor interfaces. See for yourself how this 6.1 solution can benefit your organisation.

    Operate with MEDITECH’s Surgical Services Solution
    Alexandra Noe, Product Specialist, Marketing, MEDITECH
    Our redesigned, fully integrated, 6.1 Surgical Services solution streamlines the entire perioperative process—from scheduling to patient discharge. Surgical staff has access to simple, intuitive tools that improve the quality of patient care and maximise revenues. During this session, we’ll highlight our new scheduling grid, preference cards, surgical trackers, surgical case record documentation, and integration with Nursing and Consultant tools. We’ll also take a look at reporting desktops.


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