MEDITECH On the Road Event: Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, CA
November 19th

Have some free time during the Marina del Rey MORE session? Stop by the vendor tables!

Come to Marina del Rey for this unique opportunity to engage with the MEDITECH team, connect with our executives, and network with your colleagues. We promise you’ll leave with lots of new ideas, new knowledge, and new contacts!

In just one day, you’ll...

  • Learn strategies for getting MORE from your current MEDITECH system
  • Discover how our clinically sophisticated tools are redefining productivity
  • Hear from customers who’ve made the move to our bold new platform.

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    8:30 a.m.

    Registration and Continental Breakfast

    9 a.m.

    Welcome and Opening Remarks
    Patricia Pacewicz, Director, Client Services, MEDITECH

    9:15 a.m.

    Reimagining Healthcare, Redefining Productivity
    Joseph Coughlin, Associate Vice President, Client Services, MEDITECH

    10 a.m.

    Breakout Session 1

    Moving Forward with Multidisciplinary Discharge (MAGIC and C/S)
    Timothy Blais, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Dive into the Discharge process as we discuss hot topics, lessons learned, and exciting new usability enhancements. Find out how our highly interactive 5.66 Multidisciplinary Discharge facilitates a well coordinated team effort to improve patient outcomes, help prevent readmissions, and provide quality follow-up care instructions.

    Unlocking Population Health Management with MEDITECH
    Bill Stanton, Senior Manager, Marketing, MEDITECH
    As providers begin to bear risk for defined populations, both providers and payers have begun to change the way they deliver and pay for health care. With the MEDITECH system, organizations can make informed decisions and more effectively manage their patient populations. Attend this session for a look at the current tools MEDITECH has to offer and get some insight into tools being worked on for the future.

    Discharge Process Best Practices: Are You the Key to Success? (6.x)
    Christopher Scotti, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Nicholas Sheehan, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Stephanie Dupuis, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Having a defined, streamlined approach that all clinicians are educated and trained on is imperative to providing a safe and efficient discharge process for your patients. Don’t miss this session, where we’ll review the multidisciplinary approach needed for a successful and seamless discharge process. We’ll examine the process not only from the nursing perspective, but also the physician process of converting medications and documentation.

    Physician Documentation Templates: Best Practices and Recommendations (All)
    Patrick Derochea, Senior Applications Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Consistency, style, balance, and structure are important to the successful build and use of Physician Documentation. Come discuss guiding principles of Physician Documentation templates and see how integrating voice recognition into the Problem List can help smooth the documentation process and produce quality documentation for your organization.

    On the Move with Mobile Ordering and POM (MAGIC and C/S)
    Heather Magnoli, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Michael Wall, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    As data and devices become more mobile, so should your workflow. Mobile Rounding has expanded into the ordering workflow, so physicians can manage a patient’s treatment on the go. Come hear what’s available now and what changes are coming in the near future to manage orders from a mobile device or a desktop, based on a physician’s needs.

    11 a.m.

    Break and Technology Gallery
    Stop by our Technology Gallery! Members of our Client Services team will be happy to give you more in-depth product demonstrations, as they relate to your organization. Marketing staff will also be on-hand to show mini demos of the groundbreaking solutions showcased during the event. Be sure to engage with MEDITECH executives and our vendor partners while you’re in the Gallery, too!

    11:15 a.m.

    Doing MORE with MEDITECH: A Customer Panel
    Amber McGreevy, IS Applications Manager, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
    Josephine Isip, Director of Physical Medicine, Good Samaritan Hospital
    Mary Ann Alcudia, BAR Business Analyst, Good Samaritan Hospital
    Mark Baker, PCS Clinical Analyst, Good Samaritan Hospital
    Our customers are doing great things! Listen to your peers as they share their successes and highlight how they’re using MEDITECH’s clinically rich software to make organizational gains. With something for everyone, you’re sure to leave with new ideas, new knowledge, and new contacts after this discussion.

    12:15 p.m.

    Networking Lunch

    1:15 p.m.

    Going Bold: The EHR of the Future has Arrived
    Adnan Hamid, Assistant CIO, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
    Cindy Peterson, Vice President/CIO, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
    What’s so remarkable about the new MEDITECH? Don’t ask us—hear from customers who are implementing our bold new platform!

    2:15 p.m.

    Break and Technology Gallery

    2:30 p.m. 

    Breakout Session 2

    See Your Data Again, for the First Time, with Business and Clinical Analytics (All)
    John MacDonald, Senior Supervisor, Marketing, MEDITECH
    Visualize your data. Find out how Business & Clinical Analytics, MEDITECH’s new business intelligence tool, empowers you to focus on actionable business and clinical drivers.

    Physician Documentation and ICD-10: Best Practices and Strategies for Success (All)
    Christopher Scotti, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH
    The detail and quality of physician documentation has never been more important than it is now, thanks to the imminent transition to ICD-10 codes. We’ll examine best practice workflow and integration capabilities of the Patient Problem List within Physician Documentation, including the ability to access, add, edit, and reconcile patient problems from within their documentation using the Problem Instance. You’ll also learn about enhancements to the integration with Intelligent Medical Objects' vast problem database, which provide qualifier codes to support the specificity needed for ICD-10.

    TAR-ific: An Overview of Transfusion Enhancements (6.x)
    Nicholas Sheehan, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    See an overview of current functionality and recently introduced enhancements to our Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) solution, including interim intakes and manual barcode. You’ll also learn implementation strategies and best practices.

    MEDITECH’s Patient Portal: Your Patient Connection (All)
    Michael Wall, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    The Patient and Consumer Health Portal lets consumers play an active role in their healthcare. And more empowered patients mean fewer re-admissions! Join this discussion with your colleagues and share how you’ve enrolled, connected, and communicated with your patients...and how you can keep them coming back!

    EHR Toolkits: CAUTI Prevention (All)
    Kerri Nash, Project Coordinator, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Come see how MEDITECH’s EHR can support your organization in reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions and Priority Clinical Conditions. This session will focus on MEDITECH’s experience and outcome-based CAUTI Prevention Toolkit, which aids in the prevention and early detection of CAUTI events by providing physicians, nurses, and Quality Management staff with immediate access to catheter data, guidance, and clinical decision support notifications.

    3:30 p.m.

    Break and Technology Gallery

    3:45 p.m.

    Breakout Session 3

    Medication Reconciliation: Improving Communication with Every Step (6.x)
    Stephanie Dupuis, Senior Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Are you taking advantage of the newest medication reconciliation enhancements? This session gives you a complete overview of the Enter/Edit Home Medications, Reconcile, and Convert routines, with a focus on the enhancements that were completed with the most recent priority pack updates. Come get an in-depth look at enhanced features that have increased user satisfaction and productivity, and improved upon providing safe and efficient patient care.

    Interoperability in Action: MEDITECH Leading the Way (All)
    Joe Wall, Supervisor, ARRA Federal Initiatives, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Todd Ledyard, Director of Sales, Forward Advantage
    MEDITECH remains on the leading edge of supporting interoperability and our customers’ health information exchange needs. Learn how our ongoing participation in state and industry initiatives can help blaze the trail for your organization.

    Take a Shot at Immunization Documentation (6.x)
    Nicholas Sheehan, Applications Specialist, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Join us as we review the documentation of historical immunizations, patient exemptions, immunizations on the MAR, and the data that is sent to the EMR. You’ll also learn about reports that are available for capturing immunization data, different vaccination scenarios, and how your MEDITECH EHR caters to each.

    Alerting for Sepsis (All)
    Daniel Seltzer, Senior Applications Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Did you know MEDITECH’s EHR can alert your clinicians to possible sepsis? Learn how to utilize the documentation in your system to identify at-risk patients, alert your clinicians, monitor the patient’s condition, and improve outcomes. We will walk through patient scenarios, show each care providers’ workflow in the process, and highlight the results from our early adopters of this solution.

    Redefining Physician Productivity (C/S only)
    Ann Hill, Project Coordinator, Client Services, MEDITECH
    With more being asked of our physicians, the availability of tools and data to maximize efficiency is more important than ever. Come check out our highly customizable Physician Status Board, which optimizes workflow by providing an interactive, intuitive launching point for physicians to view pertinent patient data at a glance. You’ll also see the new Critical Care Flowsheet, which eliminates the need for providers to navigate through the full patient chart, by providing a central location to review patient data, in the desired format, with the ability to rearrange it on the fly.

    4:45 p.m.

    Patient-Centered Journey Through MEDITECH’s Web EHR (All)
    LIVE Demonstration; No Presentation Available

    Bill Stanton, Senior Manager, Marketing, MEDITECH
    Come experience the first EHR that will completely redefine physician productivity! Designed by physicians for physicians, our innovative toolset improves efficiency and safety, while transforming how physicians work in the ambulatory practice, emergency department, and acute care settings. MEDITECH’s groundbreaking web-based EHR provides what clinicians have been waiting for.

    5:30 p.m.

    Closing Remarks
    As the event draws to a close, we’ll recap highlights from the day. We’ll also share how MEDITECH, as your EHR vendor, can support you as you return home and act on all the great information and ideas you gathered!

    Join us for casual dinner and drinks on the Bayview Patio immediately following our program.


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  • Gallery

    Want to learn even MORE about how MEDITECH is reimagining healthcare and redefining productivity? Have questions about our vendor solutions? Be sure to visit the Gallery to see demonstrations of our solutions and to speak with our vendors.

    See the following demos:

    • Business & Clinical Analytics
    • Clinical Care Flowsheet
    • EHR Toolkits: CAUTI
    • ICD-10 and Physician Documentation
    • Interoperability
    • Journey Through MEDITECH’s Web EHR
    • Medication Reconciliation
    • MEDITECH Service Initiatives
    • Mobile Rounding
    • Multidisciplinary Discharge
    • Patient Portal
    • Physician Ordering
    • Physician Status Board
    • Population Health
    • Quality and Surveillance Boards
    • Sepsis Alerts
    • Transfusion Administration Record


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    Special thanks to all our vendors! Be sure to stop by their tables at the event.


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