2018 Physician and CIO Forum

Foxborough, MA | October 17th - 18th

Dr. Ted James has been named keynote speaker at this year's Physician and CIO Forum.

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We're excited to have Dr. Ted James as this year's keynote presenter. For more on his session sponsored by Huron Consulting Group, check out the Keynote tab.

Taylor Davis, vice president of analysis and strategy at KLAS will present Unleashing the EHR Revolution. Find out when in the Featured Sessions tab.

How can attending the forum help you? Just ask Dr. Asim Masood, CMIO at William Osler Health System and Dr. John Tollerson, CMIO at Kalispell Regional Healthcare.

Attendees will also learn how MEDITECH Expanse can help you to view healthcare through a new lens, using the most advanced, mobile EHR functionality. Whether you’re interested in reducing physician burnout, breaking down interoperability barriers, or becoming more efficient at managing population health, you’ll leave the event with new connections and strategies for reaching your goals.

Want a preview of what the forum is all about? Check out the video below.

MEDITECH 2017 Physician/CIO Forum video
  • Agenda

    Wednesday, October 17

    8 a.m.

    Registration and Breakfast (Hypatia Ballroom)

    9 a.m.

    Welcome and Opening Remarks (Joanne Wood Auditorium)
    K. Nadeem Ahmed, MD, Lead Physician Advisor for Implementation, MEDITECH

    9:15 a.m.

    Keynote: Leading the Future of Healthcare (Joanne Wood Auditorium)
    Ted James, MD, MHCM, FACS, Clinical Chief, Medical Director and Professor of Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School
    Thank you to our Keynote session sponsor, Huron Consulting Group!
    See the Keynote tab for more information.


    10:15 a.m.

    MEDITECH Executive Session (Joanne Wood Auditorium)
    Hoda Sayed-Friel, Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

    11:15 a.m.


    11:35 a.m.

    Education Session 1
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​

    12:35 p.m.

    Networking Lunch (Hypatia Ballroom)
    Vendor Gallery

    2 p.m.

    Education Session 2
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​

    3 p.m.


    3:15 p.m.

    Education Session 3
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​

    4:30 p.m.

    Cocktail Reception (Hypatia Ballroom)

    Thursday, October 18

    8:30 a.m.

    Breakfast (Hypatia Ballroom)

    9 a.m.

    Opening Remarks (Joanne Wood Auditorium)

    9:15 a.m.

    Unleashing the EHR Revolution (Joanne Wood Auditorium)
    Taylor Davis, Vice President, Analysis and Strategy, KLAS
    See the Featured Sessions tab for more information.

    10:15 a.m.

    Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Making a Difference (Joanne Wood Auditorium)​
    Dan Hale, MD, Associate CMO, Lawrence General Hospital

    11:15 a.m.


    11:30 a.m.

    Education Session 4
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​

    12:30 p.m.

    Lunch (Hypatia Ballroom)

    1:30 p.m.

    Education Session 5
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​

    2:30 p.m.


    2:45 p.m.

    Education Session 6
    See the Education Sessions tab for detailed information.​


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  • Keynote

    Leading the Future of Healthcare
    Wednesday, October 17 | 9:15 a.m.
    Ted James, MD, Clinical Chief, Medical Director and Professor of Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School

    In his session, Dr. James will speak about the importance of using technology to enhance patient engagement, improve the patient experience, and help achieve value-based healthcare delivery.

    Dr. Ted James serves as clinical chief, medical director and professor of surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School. Dedicated to transforming healthcare and improving the patient experience, he has been recognized for his accomplishments in quality improvement, and speaks nationally on enhancing the value of healthcare delivery through physician leadership and clinical innovation. Using evidence-based approaches and real-word examples, Dr. James helps participants gain practical insights and solutions to modern healthcare challenges and believes that the key to achieving the best clinical outcomes is to focus on meeting individual patient needs.

    A special “thank you” to Huron Consulting Group for sponsoring this keynote presentation.


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  • Education Sessions

     Education Session registration will open in the coming weeks.

    We're excited to offer two tracks of focus for our Education Sessions. Look for the following icons for sessions geared specifically to you, though we fully encourage you to attend any session you wish.

    = CIO 
    = Physician 

    Session 1 | Wednesday, October 17, 11:35 a.m.

     Discover the Current and Future State of PDMP with MEDITECH
    Bryan Bagdasian, MD, Physician Informaticist, MEDITECH
    Kimberly Parent, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Did you know MEDITECH's Expanse and 6.15 solutions seamlessly integrate prescription drug management programs, or PDMP, into physician workflow? Learn about the evolution of the PDMP, how it has become one of the essential tools today to help combat the opioid crisis, and what we have in store for the future.

      Web ED in the Urgent Care Setting
    Chris Giroux, Manager, Informatics and Data Integration, Northwestern Medical Center
    Louis Dandurand, MD, Attending ER Physician, Northwestern Medical Center

    In March 2017, Northwestern Medical Center’s Emergency Department and Acute Care setting went LIVE with MEDITECH Expanse. The next step: moving all the practices to the web-based EHR platform. Join Chris Giroux and Dr. Louis Dandurand as they guide you through the organization’s build, implementation process — including moving two urgent care sites to Web ED in April 2018 — and lessons learned of adapting Web ED to an Urgent Care setting.

     Expanse Migration Strategies: Historical Chart Review and Clinical Conversions
    Jay Dering, Director, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Stephen Pratt, Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Kathryn Saunders, Senior Supervisor, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Data migrations are an important consideration when making the transition from MAGIC or Client/Server to Expanse. Join the MEDITECH conversion team as we provide an overview of the clinical data conversions and showcase the physician tools for historical chart review in Expanse.

     Patient Registries: Timely Information, Displayed at Your Fingertips
    John Tollerson, DO, CMIO, Kalispell Regional Healthcare
    Session description coming soon.

     Virtual Assistant: A Proof of Concept
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    LeWine, MD, Physician Consultant, MEDITECH
    Session description coming soon.

    Session 2 | Wednesday, October 17, 2 p.m.

     CommonWell Health Alliance® Update
    Joe Wall, Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Jitin Asnaani, Executive Director, CommonWell Health Alliance

    Nationwide interoperability is becoming a reality and the CommonWell Health Alliance is at the center. Join CommonWell’s Executive Director, Jitin Asnaani, as he shares the latest updates to this initiative, such as ongoing collaborations with Carequality and how CommonWell fits into how the government views a trusted health information exchange. You’ll also learn how MEDITECH has embedded CommonWell services, including patient enrollment capabilities, directly into the electronic health record, enabling you to achieve a more advanced model of query and retrieval using more modern technology.

       Surveillance: Practical Applications to Improving Care
    Lindsay Tahiry, MS, RN-BC, Clinical Documentation Manager, RCCH HealthCare Partners
    Join Lindsay Tahiry from RCCH as she shares how the organization is using surveillance to identify at-risk patients by synthesizing real-time information within the EMR. Learn how the ability to monitor patients with accurate, updated data has a meaningful impact on outcomes in the areas of CAUTI, fall risk, enhanced pressure ulcer screening, and streamlining messaging to providers of patient conditions or assessment screenings.

      Gaining Efficiencies with Expanse 
    Karen Sheehan CIO, Swedish Covenant Hospital
    Bruce McNulty, MD, Vice President 
    and CMO, Swedish Covenant Hospital
    On June 1, 2017, Swedish Covenant Hospital went LIVE as an early adopter of MEDITECH Expanse. Join Dr. Bruce McNulty and Karen Sheehan as they share their experience, including how utilizing new tools and functionality has helped the organization gain efficiencies and improvements to workflow.

     Mobile Technology Streamlines Patient Care Documentation (Expanse)
    Joe Farr, RN, Clinical Applications Coordinator, King’s Daughters Medical Center
    Joe Farr will share King’s Daughters’ experience as a Patient Care Documentation early adopter. He’ll highlight how this new functionality enables clinicians to conveniently perform tasks such as quick patient and medication verification and care intervention documentation on a smartphone via a modern mobile web browser.

      Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation Use Cases
    William Gustin, MD, Physician Consultant, MEDITECH
    Rebecca Lancaster, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH

    Computer-assisted physician documentation can help create richer documentation, as well as improve coding and care gaps. Come discuss use cases where MEDITECH can implement this feature and help provide a more streamlined documentation.

    Session 3 | Wednesday, October 17, 3:15 p.m.

     Optimizing Telemetry Utilization Within a Community-based Hospital
    Ginny Kwong, MD, FAAFP, Vice President and CMIO, Halifax Health
    Join Dr. Ginny Kwong from Halifax Health as she shares how she used the MEDITECH EHR — specifically electronic order entry and analytics — to implement and monitor interventions as a way to improve appropriate telemetry utilization. You’ll also discover tools available within MEDITECH Expanse to further support this tracking and management of telemetry within an organization, which can lead to both improved healthcare expenditures and quality of care.

      Population Health: Expanding Our Scope
    Timothy Hardy, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Angela Daniell, RN, Lead Software Designer, Product Development, MEDITECH
    Michael Lavoie, Manager, Product Development, MEDITECH

    Significant updates are underway for our Population Health solution. Attend this session to see a demonstration of the new care management workflows and analytics views in progress as we prepare for delivery to an early adopter.

      Clinical Informatics and Why the CIO and Physician Relationship Matters
    Denao Ruttino, Vice President, Operations and CIO, Firelands Regional Medical Center
    Patrick Tupa, DO, CMIO, Firelands Regional Medical Center
    Improving the patient experience starts with those people directly providing care. A positive CIO and physician collaboration can help determine which data should be brought to the forefront of the patient chart. Hear from leaders at Firelands Regional Medical Center on how they engage providers to produce better patient outcomes. 

     On the Road to Expanse
    Denni McColm, CIO, Citizens Memorial Healthcare
    Citizens Memorial Healthcare is saying “yes” to MEDITECH Expanse in December and CIO Denni McColm is glad to share the organization’s journey. She will discuss the evaluation and decision to move forward with Expanse, timeline considerations, planning and project management, key decisions and resource utilization. Lessons learned (so far) will also be discussed.

      Integrating Independent Clinical Archives into MEDITECH Web Ambulatory
    Martha Sullivan, CIO, Harrison Memorial Hospital
    Implementing MEDITECH’S Web Ambulatory product into the day-to-day clinical workflow raises the challenge of what to do with the data from a previous ambulatory application. An independent clinical archive (ICA) heralds the promise of a single repository for data from multiple legacy applications that can be integrated with MEDITECH Web Ambulatory to provide clinicians a 360-degree view of a patient. Not only does an ICA improve clinical workflow, but it also allows legacy applications to be retired, thereby reducing both cost and risk. Join Martha Sullivan as she shares how Harrison Memorial Hospital integrated an ICA. She will focus on the requirements, lessons learned, benefits received, and best practice recommendations for others wishing to adopt a similar solution.

    Session 4 | Thursday, October 18, 11:30 a.m.

     Mapping the Future of the Surgical Workflow
    John McConeghey, MD, CMIO, Newton Medical Center
    Margaux Dailey, RN, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Robin Pizzi, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Kimberly Parent, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    We want to hear from you! Join John McConeghey and MEDITECH during this brainstorming session on how to better enhance the perioperative workflow with MEDITECH Expanse. You’ll have a look at recent enhancements, discuss the evolution of surgical care, and help map the future by sharing your organization’s top priorities.
     Reaching the Next Peak: Halifax Health's Journey to Expanse
    Tom Stafford, Vice President and CIO, Halifax Health
    Learn from Tom Stafford, as he describes Halifax Health’s move to MEDITECH Expanse. He’ll share how this network of hospitals, clinics, and professional centers, approached “an amazingly choreographed event,” including the planning, training, and technical work that led up to their go-LIVE in July. You’ll also learn valuable tips and tricks for making your implementation a success.
     From Zero to Reporting Hero
    Kayla Godfrey, Decision Support Analyst, Summit Pacific Medical Center
    Douglas Griffin, Senior Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Join Summit Pacific Medical Center on their reporting journey beginning with the implementation of MEDITECH’s Business & Clinical Analytics (BCA) solution to developing actionable financial, clinical, and operational reporting. Kayla Godfrey will detail the Summit Pacific experience by sharing success stories and real-world examples that increased physician engagement, improved business processes, and enhanced patient experience. You’ll learn how Summit Pacific leverages BCA to create custom and meaningful dashboards and metrics to deliver effective, timely information to providers, staff, and executives.

      The Journey to a Fully Digitised Oncology System
    Michael Boyer, AM, Professor, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
    Join Dr. Michael Boyer from Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, a specialist stand-alone academic cancer hospital in Australia, as he takes you on the organisation’s nine month journey to becoming a fully digital hospital. He’ll share insights, successes, and lessons learned on their implementation of MEDITECH’s Oncology solution. 

      Opioid Management Toolkit (Expanse)
    Janet Desroche, Associate Vice President, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Daniel Seltzer, Senior Analyst, Client Service, MEDITECH

    In response to the national opioid crisis, MEDITECH is developing an Opioid Management Toolkit. In conjunction with the work already underway to streamline integration with PDMP state databases, the toolkit will incorporate best practice  workflows and clinical decision support (CDS) interventions aligned with the CDC recommended guidelines for prescribing opioids. During this session, we will demonstrate the workflows and CDS interventions, and provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback.

      Driving Interoperability and Supporting Innovation with RESTful APIs
    Brenda Millet, Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH 
    Niraj Chaudhry, Director, Advanced Technology, MEDITECH

    Now, more than ever, EHRs are not only judged and competing on the merits of their inherent functionality, but also for how interoperable and open their platforms are.The availability of APIs to fuel the building of mobile apps, that add value to the EHR, is the future. During this session, we’ll detail MEDITECH's first iteration of the open API developer environment. We’ll discuss published APIs, documentation about the APIs, and tools to run test data output for these APIs. These tools will prove beneficial for third-party developers and sophisticated customers that want to develop applications that add value to the MEDITECH platform. 

    Session 5 | Thursday, October 18, 1:30 p.m.

    HEART Pathway Toolkit (Expanse)
    Laurence Spector, MD, Physician Informaticist, MEDITECH
    Alana Commendatore, RN, Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Discover how MEDITECH’s evidence-based HEART Pathway Toolkit supports the identification of “low risk” ED chest pain patients, which, in conjunction with ED physicians’ clinical judgement, facilitates early discharge without costly cardiac testing. Aligned with the HEART Pathway, this toolkit consists of evidence- and experience-based standard content embedded into MEDITECH Expanse, along with optimal workflows and system guidance to help your organization improve ED outcomes.

    Note: The content for the above session was developed and is offered in MEDITECH Expanse and, as such, some functionality is unique to that platform. The workflows demonstrated can be adapted for 6.x, Client/Server, and MAGIC.

     Transforming to Expanse: What you need to know!
    Jessica Miarecki, Senior Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Whether you are a 6.0 or 6.1 customer looking to make the transition to MEDITECH Expanse, we will explain what you can do now to position your organization for a successful transition to our web-based EHR platform. 

       Expanse, from There to Now! The European Experience of a CIO and MIO
    David Niland, MD, Medical Information Officer, Galway Clinic
    Raphael Jaffrezic, Chief Information Officer, Galway Clinic

    Galway Clinic is the first European site LIVE with MEDITECH Expanse. From specific challenges to benefit realisation, Dr. David Niland and Raphael Jaffrezic will share the story of a project that was four years in the making.

     Cybersecurity in Healthcare: Effective Strategies for Protecting Your Organization
    Tom Stafford, Vice President and CIO, Halifax Health
    Denao Ruttino, Vice President, Operations and CIO, Firelands Regional Medical Center
    Join seasoned CIOs Denao Ruttino from Firelands Regional Medical Center and Tom Stafford from Halifax Health to learn about the practical and effective strategies they have developed to protect their organizations. Among those is Halifax Health’s “D3” philosophy, which implements strategies to address potential hacking and ensure that outside vendors meet the hospital network’s needs in providing cybersecurity support. This will be an interactive discussion so please bring your questions and concerns to the table. 

    Oncology Content in Action
    Edmond Bendaly, MD, FACP, Marion General Hospital 
    Esther Ikechukwu, RN, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Attend this session for an update on our latest oncology content, including how the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, or NCCN, Oncology templates are embedded into MEDITECH Expanse Oncology Management. Dr. Edmond Bendaly from Marion General Hospital will also explore a case study utilizing the NCCN treatment plans.  

    Session 6 | Thursday, October 18, 2:45 p.m.

      Building Standard Content to Address the Healthcare Needs of Today and Tomorrow
    Michelle Brasfield, Senior Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Laurence Spector, MD, Physician Informaticist, MEDITECH

    Hear the latest on exam redesign and social determinants of health along with other initiatives aimed at streamlining workload. We will focus on the standard content build and delivery process with our Lead Content physician and others members of the standard content team. 

     Diabetes Management Toolkit (Expanse, Ambulatory)
    Joy Chesnut, MD, Physician Consultant, MEDITECH
    Kerri Nash, Project Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Get an up-close look at MEDITECH’s new Diabetes Management Toolkit and all of its components. This Ambulatory toolkit was developed based on accepted clinical guidelines and quality measures for managing adult patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and is aligned with recommendations provided by the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Payment Program. You’ll see how the toolkit incorporates a standard bundle of content, including best practice-driven EHR workflows and embedded integrated clinical decision support. This content provides care team members with a streamlined workflow, which facilitates the effective management of adult patients with diabetes to improve outcomes.

    Note: The content for the above session was developed and is offered in MEDITECH Expanse and, as such, some functionality is unique to that platform. The workflows demonstrated can be adapted for 6.x, Client/Server, and MAGIC.

       Capturing Patient Data: Engaging Patients Prior to Their Visit
    Siobhan Warner, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Discover how patient data captured prior to a visit helps to engage the patient in their own care. Explore MEDITECH’s questionnaire consumption functionality for ambulatory visits and hear our roadmap moving forward for questionnaires in surgical services, ITS, and other areas. You’ll also view our new workflows for Pre-Registration, including: demographics, medications/allergies, and consent forms. We’ll also highlight future features. 
      Regulatory Reporting: Promoting Interoperability and MIPS
    Catherine Campbell, Quality Reporting Program Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Hear the latest on the current Promoting Interoperability program, formerly known as Meaningful Use, including requirements and changes, as well as information on the currently proposed legislation for MACRA/MIPS.
     Problem List Evolution
    Margaux Dailey, RN, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    William Gustin, MD, Physician Consultant, MEDITECH
    How does SOB become ARDS and then PNA? Or CP develop into a STEMI? Join us for an interactive session exploring how the Problem List can be used as a tool to evolve problems throughout the various stages of illness — from chief complaints, to diagnoses, to interventions, to historical problems.


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  • Featured Sessions

    Unleashing the EHR Revolution
    Thursday, October 18 | 9:15 a.m.
    Taylor Davis, Vice President, Analysis and Strategy, KLAS

    Before the EHR can revolutionize healthcare, physicians must trust in, and effectively use it. Join Taylor Davis, executive lead of the KLAS Arch Collaborative, as he shares critical learnings from over 20,000 physician surveys across 120 provider organizations. Learn how successful organizations are focusing on building strong change management, embedding ownership of the EHR into clinical teams, and helping clinical users become true masters of the technology they use.

    Taylor Davis has played a leadership role in KLAS research and efforts studying HIE, CPOE, pharmacy, population health, ERP, business intelligence and value-based care services. Serving as KLAS’s lead statistician, he has conducted over 3,000 interviews with healthcare leaders over the nine years he has been with KLAS. Mr. Davis is passionate about helping vendors improve based on feedback from provider customers, and leads the KLAS Performance Insight Team, KLAS’s consultative arm helping vendors improve their performance. 


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