2017 International MUSE Conference

Grapevine, TX
May 30th - June 2nd

Learn from dozens of MEDITECH executives and demonstrators, including Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel's Keynote session on MEDITECH’s Web EHR.


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Join MEDITECH and the next generation of healthcare leaders at the 2017 International MUSE Conference. Our largest user group meeting will showcase how our Web EHR and 6.1 solutions are transforming the way you deliver care. Here's some of what you'll experience:

MEDITECH-led Presentations
We’re leading an unprecedented number of agenda sessions, focusing on how real solutions lead to real results. Check out the Education Sessions tab below for descriptions of all our presentations on such topics as: care coordination, interoperability, alert fatigue, physician documentation, cybersecurity, and population health. We’ll also be speaking at the Executive Institute on the first day of the conference.

Solutions Showcase
Explore our latest solutions, such as Business & Clinical Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management, patient engagement tools, and more!

Meet and Greet with Our Executives
We want what you want for your healthcare organization: preventative and proactive solutions that increase quality while lowering cost. Talk face-to-face with our executives, and see how our visions align.

Find us in the Central Foyer on Wednesday and Thursday for scheduled demonstrations on how to visualize and examine data for a better understanding of your organization, provide seamless patient care throughout the continuum, and improve patient care and outcomes in the operating room. You’ll also have exclusive “Meet and Greet” opportunities with MEDITECH Associate Vice Presidents Michael Malone and Carol Labadini. Check out the agendas for May 31st and June 1st and look for the green bar for MEDITECH Club times.

Executive Institute
Join MEDITECH Strategy Product Managers Matthew Chadwell and Timothy Hardy for an update on our revenue cycle solution during their session, 6.1 Revenue Cycle - A Look Ahead with MEDITECH. Here, you'll learn how you can achieve similar results as other MEDITECH customers.

For more information on the 2017 International MUSE Conference; check out their webpage.


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  • Keynote

    A Roundup of MEDITECH's Strategic Initiatives
    Hoda Sayed-Friel, Executive Vice President, MEDITECH
    Thursday, June 1, 11 a.m., Ballroom

    As Executive Vice President, Ms. Sayed-Friel charts MEDITECH’s strategic direction, leads all of MEDITECH’s Client Services and Implementation efforts, and oversees the evolution of MEDITECH’s Electronic Health Record. In her keynote address, Ms. Sayed-Friel will provide a roundup of MEDITECH’s current, near-term, and future initiatives. Her presentation will provide a progress report on MEDITECH’s Web EHR, which is quickly gaining momentum among customers and the industry. She will also offer insight into several game-changing technologies and initiatives that will have a significant impact on the delivery of healthcare.


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  • Education Sessions

    Driving Quality and Efficiency with MEDITECH 6.1 Standard Content  
    Janet Desroche, Senior Director, Client Services, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH’s 6.1 standard content serves as the foundation for workflows that support user efficiency and improved outcomes, as well as quality reporting and analytics. During this session, we will explore MEDITECH's strategy and methodology around the provisioning of evidence and common practice clinical content during a READY implementation, as well as how we version content for ongoing update deliveries based on changing evidence and best practices. We will also discuss how decision support is embedded into the standard content library.

    Antimicrobial Stewardship
    Alysha Metcalf, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Rates of resistance to antimicrobial agents continue to increase at hospitals in the United States, primarily due to patient-to-patient transmission of resistant organisms and selection of resistant organisms because of antimicrobial exposure. This session provides a brief overview of the recommendations for Antimicrobial Stewardship Standards, along with MEDITECH’s best practices for generating electronic microbiology antimicrobial resistance and antibiotic administration reports for transmission to the National Healthcare Safety Network.

    Physician Documentation & Clinical Documentation Improvement Programs
    Patrick Derochea, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Attend this session for a preview of how physician documentation can be used in conjunction with clinical documentation improvement programs, and how more detailed documentation can maximize your reimbursement. We’ll also review ways CDI specialists can interact with physician documentation to ensure your organization receives proper compensation. Additionally, we will highlight the success one of our customers has had in this field.

    Leverage MEDITECH’s Toolkits to Facilitate EHR-Enabled Electronic Clinical Quality Improvement (eCQI)
    Ann Hill, Project Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Kerri Nash, Project Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Do you know about MEDITECH’s EHR Toolkits for CAUTI prevention, sepsis management, and fall risk management? These experience- and outcomes-based toolkits combine evidence-based content and best practice guidance to support EHR-enabled electronic Clinical Quality Improvement (eCQI). You’ll discover how electronic alerts built into MEDITECH’s 6.1 Standard Content — along with sophisticated clinical decision support embedded in nursing, ordering, and documentation tools — helps care teams identify and manage patients’ increased risk,  streamlining workflow and improving outcomes. 

    Problem List Management
    Patrick Derochea, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    Dive into problem list management within MEDITECH’s EHR, and learn about such topics as problem list ownership, organizational policies, workflow, and potential barriers across the continuum of care. We’ll also discuss how to identify next steps in using the problem list and enhancements to the Web Ambulatory and Web Acute software to streamline provider workflow.

    Alert Fatigue and Refinement
    Alysha Metcalf, Senior Analyst, Client Services, MEDITECH
    During this session, attendees will explore the connection between clinical decision support alert fatigue and EHR physician satisfaction as well as system effectiveness. We’ll also cover reporting tools available in our 6.x platform to monitor alert effectiveness.

    Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Briefing
    Justin Armstrong, Security Analyst, MEDITECH
    Cybersecurity and espionage are closely linked — sharing common strategies, vocabulary, and history. This session features actionable intelligence you can use to secure your organization. In addition to file shares, access control, and a breach assessment program, we’ll also share 10 simple things you can do now to improve your cybersecurity. So what security threats keep you up at night? Please bring your questions and concerns for a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

    Interoperability: Keeping You Connected
    Stephen Valutkevich, Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH’s interoperability solutions improve patient care and provide the foundation for a solid population health strategy by supporting the active exchange of EHR data across care settings. This session highlights our interoperability history, as well as our memberships in the CommonWell Health Alliance and the Argonaut Project. We’ll discuss how Meaningful Use Stage 3 introduces additional requirements for C-CDA®, APIs, immunizations, syndromic surveillance, public health registries, and more, and how MEDITECH is poised to meet these challenges. 

    Preparing for MACRA
    Corinne Boudreau, Senior Marketing Solutions Manager, MEDITECH
    The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) took effect January 1, and will begin to impact the Medicare reimbursement of eligible clinicians in 2019. Due to its complexity and condensed time frames, 2017 has been branded a transition year. This session features a MACRA overview, including the Merit-Based Incentive Program (MIPS) and Advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM) payment tracks. MEDITECH’s support strategy, along with a current regulation update, will also be reviewed.

    The Changing Care Delivery Environment: Using the Web EHR to Coordinate Care and Manage Your Complex Chronic Patients
    Carol Labadini, Associate Vice President, Client Services, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH sees healthcare providers and organizations getting pulled in many different directions. You are being asked to more efficiently manage care on the population level, while also delivering highly individualized care (and being graded on patients' experiences). You are pressured to standardize care delivery to reduce costly variation while also personalizing care to retain patients. And you face the dual imperatives of streamlining and consolidating resources while expanding offerings to improve patient access and convenience. Attend this session to learn how MEDITECH's Web EHR provides you with the tools and workflows to efficiently and effectively coordinate care while managing chronic patient populations. 

    MEDITECH: Delivering Proven Solutions, Proven Value, and Proven Success
    Melissa Swanfeldt, Associate Vice President, Marketing, MEDITECH
    Today, more than ever, the healthcare industry is focused on questions of value: if organizations spend more on electronic health records, are they really getting more? During this presentation, we’ll explore the shifting narrative around value and how MEDITECH is delivering clinically sophisticated, technologically advanced, and financially sound solutions for contemporary healthcare. You’ll also hear about some great success stories at MEDITECH customer sites.

    Connecting the Patient Experience 
    Siobhan Warner, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Where are your patients and how can you bring healthcare to them? Come explore our new patient engagement solutions and see how technology can improve patient care, satisfaction, and overall outcomes. Features to be discussed include: telehealth solutions for remote monitoring, direct patient communication with secure messaging, “technology on the go” with the MEDITECH app, video visits, and more! Let's work together to make patient engagement our number one goal in 2017 and beyond.  

    Actionable Insights: Business and Clinical Analytics
    Christine Silva, Director, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Douglas Griffin, Senior Manager, Client Services, MEDITECH

    Transform your data into actionable insights to impact operational efficiency, patient outcomes, and financial performance with MEDITECH’s Business & Clinical Analytics solution. Learn about the analysis supported through our standard content dashboard library, custom dashboard creation tools available for data exploration, and effective deployment strategies to empower your organization.

    The Power of Governance 
    Rebecca Lancaster, Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH 
    Physician engagement and implementation of governance is an integral part of successfully installing and evolving your EHR. During this interactive session, you’ll learn how to engage your physicians, understand the role of physician communication, and discover key physician leadership roles necessary for a successful EHR implementation. Attendees will also learn how regular Physician Advisory meetings play into governance policies. 

    Imaging Appropriate Use Criteria
    Rebecca Lancaster, Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    The Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 (PAMA) calls for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to specify a program requiring physicians to consult with a qualified clinical decision support mechanism (qCDSM) that relies on established Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) when ordering certain imaging exams. MEDITECH has partnered with the National Decision Support Company (NDSC) to offer a streamlined method to license and activate the required features for compliance. This session highlights our Ambulatory and ED workflows, as well as best practices designed to help you meet the January 2018 deadline.

    Understand, Organize & Deliver: MEDITECH’s Tools for Population Health
    Timothy Hardy, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    Effective population health management takes on different forms for different organizations. Learn how MEDITECH's solutions can help you better understand your population's utilization and costs, organize sub-groups within your population, and execute coordinated, patient-centered care. We’ll also discuss strategic population health projects currently underway and how you can get involved.  

    Managing Cancer Care: MEDITECH’s Web Oncology 
    Robin Pizzi, Product Manager, Strategy, MEDITECH
    MEDITECH’s Oncology Management solution helps to simplify complex care. Designed for oncology centers, this solution centralizes the tools needed to manage lengthy treatment plans and ensure safe, coordinated care delivery. Attend this session for a demonstration of our new 6.16 Web Oncology prototypes, where you’ll learn how we are integrating the oncologist practice visits and follow-up care into the Web Ambulatory workflow. You’ll also see how oncologists can quickly and easily manage patient care from a mobile device in the cancer care environment, while using new tools optimized for provider visits, documentation, and practice throughput.


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