Improve Patient Engagement

Keep your community engaged.

In the world of consumer-based healthcare, patients are the decision makers. With MEDITECH Expanse, you'll be able to satisfy your community's increasing demands for quality, efficiency, and control over their health. We'll help you to provide:

  • Care Spanning the Continuum
  • Quality and Safety
  • The Path to Wellness.


Care Spanning the Continuum

Patients expect their providers to have easy access to information—whether they are in the acute, ambulatory, long term, or home care setting. With MEDITECH, that's exactly what they'll get: a single, patient-centered enterprise record that automatically follows them wherever and whenever they are receiving care. Even when patients visit providers outside the network, our CCD Exchange Suite, Direct Messaging, and physician notifications ensure that everyone stays informed.

Quality and Safety

Today's consumers are looking for the safest, best care possible. With MEDITECH, you can be sure that your organization will measure up. Use our Best Practices and EHR Toolkits to help prevent infections and medication mistakes across the continuum, as well as reduce unnecessary readmissions. Administer medications safely with CPOE, Medication Reconciliation, and Bedside Verification. You'll also be able to manage patient populations with clinical decision support tools, and a Data Repository that pulls data from across the entire EHR, as well as external sources. MEDITECH customers are continually improving care outcomes and seeing significant return on their EHR investment with our solutions.

The Path to Wellness

Empowerment is the key to healthier, more satisfied consumers. Give your patients the tools they need to take charge of their healthcare—from logistics to lab results—with our intuitive, easy-to-use Patient and Consumer Health Portal. They'll be able to track and report vitals from monitors and wearables; manage appointments; communicate with their providers; access visit information, clinical content, and discharge instructions; request prescription renewals; and pay bills online—all on their own terms, from home or any location where they can use a web-enabled device.

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