Hospitals & Health Systems

An EHR Built Specifically for You

In the hospital, there’s many different roles for many different functions. No matter which one’s yours, MEDITECH Expanse will help you perform it with greater efficiency.


Expanse accommodates your workflow, not the other way around.

Nurses and Patient Care
Smart tools ensure that the time you spend with patients is meaningful.

Clinical Departments
Manage your pharmacy, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, and ancillary areas with ease.

Emergency Departments
Driving provider productivity in the ED.

I.T. Staff
Put your team at ease with an EHR that is secure, scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain.

Visualize your data to answer the big questions.

Financial Staff
Give your behind-the-scenes team everything they need to impact your business.

Helping your patient access team efficiently capture, share, and manage patient information.

Manage your clinic, your way.

Behavioral Health
Collaborative care that serves the physical and mental needs of your patients.

Surgical Services
Teamwork: it’s the only way to operate.

Long Term Care
Coordinate care keeping the focus on the patient.