Empower Care Teams

Connect clinicians across the continuum.

Good decisions happen when all clinicians are empowered. Whether you're a nurse, therapist, surgical assistant, or clinical social worker—and whether you work in a physician's office, hospital, specialty clinic, post acute care facility, or in patients' homes—MEDITECH Expanse is designed to keep you productive and connected with what's happening.

Transform the care you deliver, with tools that will help you to improve:  

  • Quality and Safety
  • Productivity
  • Care Transitions
  • Surveillance
  • Population Health and Wellness

Quality and Safety

As healthcare models shift to prevention and wellness, sharing information with clinicians at all points of care correlates to safe, quality care delivery. Keep your patients' well-being at the forefront, with a sophisticated enterprise health record that pushes the right information to you at the right time, so you can easily see where and when you need to take action.


Clinicians across the continuum—from ambulatory to post acute care settings—need workflows that are mobile, intuitive, and patient-centered. With our flexible clinical displays, specialty-based functionality, and evidence-based content, you will be at your most productive anywhere and any time you deliver care. Centralized, real-time access to patient records will enable you to work quickly and efficiently, at the touch of a screen using any web-enabled device.

Care Transitions

Smooth care transitions start with seamless communication across the continuum. MEDITECH Expanse keeps you and your teams in the know through notifications, multidisciplinary discharge functionality, and medication reconciliation between settings—for safer, more patient-centric transitions of care. Share information with all clinicians no matter where they are, and easily exchange patient record summaries with any EHR system.

Even after patients return home, you can help them stay on the right track. A call management tool for follow-up helps your case managers to identify and address potential readmission risks. In addition, case managers can monitor patient readings from bluetooth-enabled devices, through our collaboration with Validic.


Catch problems before they start. Our early warning and real-time surveillance tools alert you to patients who are at risk for dangerous hospital-acquired conditions, and help you to act quickly. Proactively monitor patient data against best practices for advanced care, and see the tangible results—higher quality, better outcomes, and improved regulatory quality reporting.

Population Health and Wellness

An engaged population is a healthier population. We'll help you to adopt new delivery models—such as Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs)—to connect with patients and drive care efficiency. You can also introduce patients to the Patient and Consumer Health Portal, so they can proactively manage their own health online for better quality of life.