Behavioral Health - Post-Acute Services

Treat the whole patient, inside and out.

With millions of people meeting the criteria for a mental health condition during their lives, behavioral health is an essential component of complete, patient-centric care.

MEDITECH’s EHR delivers the integrated, specialized content required to address a patients’ unique behavioral health needs-- including emergency crisis interventions, integrated acute care evaluations and coordination with chronic disease management and ambulatory services. 

Our Behavioral Health solution includes:

  • Robust, Specialized Standard Content
  • Actionable, Real-Time Monitoring
  • Streamlined Client Management
  • Proactive Collections

Robust, Specialized Standard Content

MEDITECH gives you in-depth standard content--such as care plans for major depression, bipolar disorder, and substance abuse--that is designed to meet the varied needs of your behavioral health patients. Clinicians can document assessments, interventions, medication administration, and patient progress towards goals for both individuals and groups at the point of care, using interdisciplinary plans to effectively coordinate care across specialties.

Actionable, Real-Time Monitoring

Surveillance capabilities allow you to closely monitor patients on restraint protocols as well as those at risk for suicide/violence, make well-informed care decisions, and take prompt action through ordering protocols. Use interprovider messaging to improve real-time communication with other clinicians, and share clinical data with inpatient and outpatient facilities through MEDITECH’s built-in system integration.

Streamlined Client Management

Coordinate care for your patients using our robust administrative tools. Easily capture and update patient demographics, family contact data, insurance coverage, referral information, and diagnostic codes at the front end. Streamline scheduling for all patients and efficiently manage their medical records--including release of information and deficiencies. MEDITECH’s Case Management call-back and documentation features also safeguard against gaps in care and ensure that patients can understand instructions, medications, and next steps in the care process.

Proactive Collections

Improve the collections process and lower your A/R days, with proactive account follow-up capabilities, integrated charge capture, end-of-month billing, and consolidated patient statements. Pre-billing features and smooth coordination of referrals and authorizations will also ensure that your organization receives timely and maximum reimbursements.