Our Ambulatory solution is so fast and easy to use, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Accelerate care delivery and reduce physician burnout with MEDITECH’s Ambulatory — a complete web chart that gives physicians instant access to all patient records and relevant information across the continuum, in one place.

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MEDITECH Web Ambulatory

What are your favorite parts of Ambulatory?

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Our Ambulatory EHR brings provider usability, mobility, and flexibility to a whole new level. With instant access to the complete patient record across the continuum, physicians can spend less time navigating technology and more time connecting with patients. The only hard part is trying to decide which of its many benefits is your favorite.

MEDITECH Web Ambulatory Patient Screen

Productivity redefined.

Ambulatory is your single source of truth for all patient information. What’s more, you can interact with your EHR just as you do using any other app on your mobile device. With just a touch, you can see your schedule. Get test results. Manage prescription requests. Engage patients and see how they’ve been maintaining their conditions between appointments. Easy navigation and personalized views will help you get things done, stat. Now that's working smarter.

Our most intuitive product.

Physicians know best what they need. That’s why we garnered the expertise of our physician consultants to develop a sophisticated product that’s intuitive to use. The Patient Chart Summary gives you specialty driven workflows. You get a smarter tool that anticipates what actions you may need to take next. You leverage the wealth of clinical data feeding in from multiple sources. In a nutshell, clinicians can access everything about a patient’s care, no matter where it took place—and it’s all tied in with our disease management and population health management tools.

MEDITECH Web Ambulatory Patient Screen
MEDITECH Web EHR Registry Screenshot

Transformational population health management.

Our actionable Ambulatory Registry tool allows you to manage the wellness of your population and measure your effectiveness. Integrated into your workflow, Ambulatory Registries allow you to identify at-risk patients, and access their charts to document or place orders. Engaging with your patient population has never been easier.

Same great look and feel for your office.

Our Office Manager makes daily tasks easy for front line staff and office managers. Whether it’s a broad view of schedules across care settings you want, or a snapshot of the administrative to-do’s for the day—it’s got everything you need to get the job done fast.

MEDITECH Web Ambulatory Patient Screen
MEDITECH Web Ambulatory Patient Screen

Smooth scheduling and enterprise integration.

It’s time to reclaim scheduling efficiency. Our Scheduling Grid makes life easy for schedulers and front desk staff—whether scheduling across the enterprise or the continuum of care. Views are clean and easy to understand. Drag, drop, and expand cells with ease. Helpful color coding and highlights make it easy to keep things straight. It all just makes sense. You will find it’s a breeze to schedule all types of appointments. And, it’s good news for patients—who will experience faster, more efficient, and more meaningful interactions with your organization.

With MEDITECH's Ambulatory solution, physicians can easily make changes to their templates on the fly—without having to rely on the IT department.

Doug Kanis, DO

Pella Regional Health Center

MEDITECH has really delivered with Ambulatory. It combines advanced functionality with a modern look and feel that is well-suited to all of our care settings.

George Curtis, Assistant to CEO/Vice President of IT

Houston Healthcare

MEDITECH's Ambulatory product adds value to the patient experience. It shifts the clinician's focus away from the computer system and back to the patient.

Stephen M. Cohen, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS

MEDITECH Expanse represents the future of patient care in a mobile world. Let us show you.

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