Achieve Interoperability

For integrated, interoperable care.

MEDITECH’s Web EHR will enable you to share information anywhere and everywhere you need it. Learn how the power of interoperability will help you to:

  • Communicate Across the Continuum
  • Participate in State, Regional, and Community Data Exchanges
  • Submit Data to Public Health Agencies
  • Improve Patient Safety with e-Prescribing

Communicate Across the Continuum

Effortlessly share clinical, administrative, and financial data across all care settings including acute, ambulatory, home care, hospice, long term care, behavioral health, and more. Multi-entity capabilities connect all of your facilities with one integrated EHR, enabling you to effectively treat your entire patient population. All providers simultaneously access a single, real-time patient record.

Participate in State, Regional, and Community Data Exchanges

When patients transition outside your network, let their data do the same. Our EHR can easily exchange C-CDAs with non-MEDITECH systems as well as Record Locator Services (RLS). We also support Direct Messaging with any HISP, for secure communication. Participate in a local or regional HIE using our standard interfaces for effective document and data exchange. As a contributing member of CommonWell Alliance and a founding member of The Argonaut Project, MEDITECH is well-poised to help you achieve national interoperability goals.

Submit Data to Public Health Agencies

Easily submit electronic data to immunization, state, cancer, and specialized registries. All submissions are generated from a certified MEDITECH EHR and follow HL7 2.5.1 specifications, with electronic laboratory reporting adhering to LOINC and SNOMED CT data codes.

Improve Patient Safety with e-Prescribing

Ensure that patients always get the right med at the right dose, by using our Web EHR to securely exchange patient information between various providers, payers, pharmacy benefit managers, and pharmacies. Conveniently route electronic prescriptions to a patient’s pharmacy of choice and confirm insurance formulary status, coverage limits, and drug alternatives in real-time. Intervene with any drug-seeking behaviors by identifying and managing controlled substances, all the while meeting DEA regulations for e-Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Learn more about how interoperability means patient safety . . . in real life.