MEDITECH's web-based EHR has a new name: Expanse

Thank you for being a part of our journey — we are very excited to talk about the future, and today marks a big moment for our company and our brand. We are pleased to announce that MEDITECH’s Web EHR platform (better known as MEDITECH 6.16), has a new name: 

Expanse will encompass platform releases 6.16 and above, and will replace the name “Web EHR.” MEDITECH will continue to support our legacy platforms of MAGIC and Client/Server, and earlier versions of 6.0. We consider Expanse to be our unifying platform of the future, and will therefore no longer publicly use numbering schemes in communication with the market and customers.

This new direction in naming our platforms signifies a purposeful transition in how we promote MEDITECH’s brand. Our company has never been more energized or better positioned to transform the way we connect care, and we want our branding to convey this confidence and excitement to our market, and the industry at large. 

“With Expanse, we identified the need for an EHR for the post-Meaningful Use healthcare paradigm,” said MEDITECH President & CEO Howard Messing. “Our clinicians deserve an open, dynamic workspace that allows them to connect care the way that works best for them and their patients. We don’t believe this is something that should be exclusive, or come at an exorbitant cost. This is the future. This is the freedom and usability that everyone in healthcare should be accustomed to.”

MEDITECH will promote Expanse at HIMSS18 in Las Vegas next week, along with our wide array of transformative solutions.