Robert Gale

Senior Vice President of Product Development

Robert Gale

Whether skiing the White Mountains or spearheading the development of MEDITECH’s latest products, Bob Gale’s willingness to take chances has served him well over the years. As senior vice president of product development, he leads our innovative, web-based Electronic Health Record initiative—providing a sleeker, more convenient user experience for our customers.

Known for his personable, down-to-earth managerial style, Bob puts others at ease in every setting—whether it involves one-on-one design meetings with analysts, video conferences with physician consultants, or project status reviews with management teams. Pursuing his interest in clean, intuitive design principles, he enjoys researching websites, devices, and gadgets for inspiration and frequently encourages his analysts to do the same.

Earlier in Bob’s career, his easy-going nature and sense of adventure even helped to pave MEDITECH’s way into the UK market. He and his team visited England for one week every month to research how to best meet the needs of our first UK customer, Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Those attributes also enabled him to lead all 350 HCA hospitals through their implementations, as well as MEDITECH’s 6.x early adopters.

Bob and his wife, Diane, live in Bridgewater, MA, with their twin daughters.